October 2, 2023

Accumetric Sight

A unique and intelligent software algorithm that could be harnessed to raise a new standard of highly optimised, customised progressive lenses.

Unlock the potential of human eye with Accumetric Sight Technology
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In an era where technology is constantly pushing the limits of human performance, Opticare brought forth a vision to redefine the boundaries of high-definition sight. Where the traditional standard of perfect visual acuity had been 6/6, they sought to develop a technology that could produce optical lenses to bring human vision beyond this, catering to individual needs and lifestyles like never before. Thus, in a fusion of art and science, Accumetric Sight Technology was born.

The Vision Behind Innovation

Years ago, Opticare envisioned a world where every person, regardless of their visual status or challenges, would have access to personalised, high-performance spectacle lenses. Too often, spectacle wearers are unnecessarily limited by their progressive lenses, whether it be during work-related tasks or leisure activities, and at a time when life is only speeding up, not slowing down. The demands of life on our eyes have never been greater.

In an effort to redefine the limits of human visual performance, Opticare determined that the craftmanship of these lenses would be combined with cutting-edge technologies and advanced digital tools to ensure unparalleled accuracy in lens production.

The result? The development of a unique and intelligent software algorithm that could be harnessed to raise a new standard of highly optimised, customised progressive lenses.

Accumetric Sight Technology

In line with its commitment to continuing to deliver ever-advancing optical solutions, Opticare developed Accumetric Sight, which underpins both Opticare’s innovative progressive lens design offerings. Under the revolutionary umbrella technology of Accumetric Sight, Opticare introduces two cutting-edge advancements in progressive lens design: Accumetric Precise and Accumetric Typic.

Opticare’s Accumetric Precise lenses are the product of a revolutionary digital wavefront refraction tool, New Horizon WRx. This enables the elimination of higher order aberrations, factoring in the Strehl ratio to measure the quality of the optical image, as well as enhancing contrast sensitivity and visual perception beyond the retina itself. Thousands of points are calculated and digitally optimised across the lens surface. With this approach, Accumetric Precise lenses can be crafted to an accuracy of 0.05D, representing razor-sharp pinpoint precision in comparison to the standard 0.25D steps traditionally used across the industry. The result is the accomplishment of a visual acuity far beyond the conventional 6/6 goal – with Accumetric Precise, a healthy human eye is capable of achieving 6/2 visual acuity.

Furthering the exquisite optical quality of Accumetric-designed personalised progressive lenses is Accumetric Typic. Empowered by artificial intelligence, Accumetric Typic lenses are created with a groundbreaking level of biometric precision. Instead of settling for the conventional four prescription values to guide the lens manufacturing process, the utilisation of AI in Accumetric Typic elevates the precision and customisation of the progressive lens design by drawing on an extensive data pool. This allows the incorporation of additional factors into the lens creation, including data on typical head and eye movements for different activities and even different ages, allowing all zones of the lens to be optimised for the wearer across a diverse range of visual tasks and viewing environments.

With Accumetric Sight Technology, all wearers of progressive lenses can access this new standard of optimised, enhanced vision with unparalleled precision and clarity. Regardless of age, visual function, or spectacle prescription, wearers can enjoy comfortable, easy, and distortion-free sight for support their lifestyles and daily visual demands.

The Heart of Accumetric

The unique approach of Accumetric Sight Technology lies in understanding that each individual has unique visual needs and unique eyes. Opticare’s revolutionary algorithm allows the analysis of several critical factors, including the wearer’s spectacle prescription, eye anatomy, viewing habits, and environmental conditions. They understand that biometric precision shouldn’t be left to chance and that every individual deserves a chance at high-definition vision.

By using this data-driven approach, visual performance can be optimised across a range of environments and activities. With progressive lenses designed by Accumetric, driving in low visibility conditions is now enhanced, not hindered; prolonged digital device use is made comfortable, not strained; and engaging in outdoor activities can be enjoyed freely, without limitation.

Leading the field with Accumetric, the aim of Opticare is to set a new benchmark in optical technology. These lenses produced through the precision of Accumetric Sight not only delivers the best possible visual acuity but also enhances the overall wellbeing of their wearers, enabling them to embrace life with clarity and confidence.

To learn more about Accumetric Sight, go to the Opticare website at or call 1800 251 852

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