Staff Management November 22, 2023

Onboarding is an important part of bringing new staff members into your practice, whether they are an optometrist, optical assistant, or optical dispenser.

Clinical Guide  /  November 16, 2023

Summer is finally here! Here are some tips to discuss with your patients as we enter beach weather.

General Tips and Advice  /  November 16, 2023

With a little consideration and initiative, you can increase the engagement of your eyecare patients and significantly elevate their quality of care.

Clinical Guide  /  October 26, 2023

Learn more about the link between dry eye disease and myopia in children, and how to manage them both in this article.

Marketing and Social Media  /  October 23, 2023

Marketing strategies are those actions that draw people to your practice and ideally keep them coming back.

Lens Technology  /  October 2, 2023

A unique and intelligent software algorithm that could be harnessed to raise a new standard of highly optimised, customised progressive lenses.

Clinical Guide  /  September 26, 2023

Though it may be challenging to perform a thorough eye test on some patients with special needs, they are no less deserving of high-quality eye care.

Optical Dispensing  /  September 26, 2023

Have you considered that perhaps the new, very achievable standard of modern refraction should be to 0.12D accuracy?

Optical Dispensing  /  September 25, 2023

There are various steps you can take to retain your contact lens patients (and sales). Find out how to manage contact lens intolerance and dropout here.

Lenses  /  August 16, 2023

Learn more about Opticare’s premium lenses for myopia management – the MyoEase and MyOnic lenses, both designed to correct and manage myopia in young patients.

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