Clinical Guide — Thu, Nov 16

Summer is finally here! Here are some tips to discuss with your patients as we enter beach weather.

Clinical Guide — Thu, Oct 26

Learn more about the link between dry eye disease and myopia in children, and how to manage them both in this article.

Clinical Guide — Tue, Sep 26

Though it may be challenging to perform a thorough eye test on some patients with special needs, they are no less deserving of high-quality eye care.

Clinical Guide — Tue, Jul 25

This article highlights optometry’s role in educating our paediatric patients and their parents about the impact of digital device use on visual health.

Clinical Guide — Tue, Mar 21

Patients who have dementia can present certain challenges during an optometric consultation due to cognitive changes. Find tips for managing them here.

Clinical Guide — Wed, Mar 08

Optometrists are responsible for educating paediatric patients & their caregivers on the importance of taking steps to minimise the impact of digital eyestrain.

Clinical Guide — Fri, Feb 24

Here are some steps to ensure your patient feel more at ease during their eye test or visit at your clinic.

Clinical Guide — Tue, Feb 21

Most contact lens discussions with an optometrist lead to a sale. Here are seven considerations when it comes to a proactive approach to contact lenses.

Clinical Guide — Mon, Jan 30

There are ways you can differentiate your practice from others with your dry eye management services. Learn more from this article.

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