Practice Efficiency — Mon, Jun 19

Other than being fuelled by pure passion and an undying love for all things optometry, how can you extend the longevity of your enjoyable optometry career?

Practice Efficiency — Mon, Jun 19

Embracing technology can benefit both your practice and your patients.

Practice Efficiency — Thu, May 18

When building and growing your practice, it will take time and effort to establish a referrer’s network and see results. Here are some tips.

Practice Efficiency — Mon, Apr 17

Clinical reasoning is a crucial soft skill for those involved in optometry. Read this article to know more about how to assess and improve this skill.

Practice Efficiency — Tue, Mar 14

Burnout in optometry & other areas of healthcare is closely related to feelings that you can’t provide the level of care that you desire. Read more here.

Practice Efficiency — Mon, Feb 20

Well-developed soft skills can be the differentiating factor between a patient returning to your care for decades to come versus never showing their face again.

Practice Efficiency — Mon, Jan 30

Some steps can be taken to reduce patient non-compliance. Find some tips from this blog, including how to persuade them to follow advice for their own benefit.

Practice Efficiency — Mon, Jan 30

These are some strategies to consider that may help minimise the impact of patients failing to turn up for their appointments.

Practice Efficiency — Tue, Mar 22

You need to implement strategies to help your patients to remember and follow their treatment Continue reading

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