General Tips and Advice — Mon, Jan 22

Entering into the new year could also be a great chance to debunk all those eyecare myths floating around – these don’t need to follow your patients into 2024.

Lenses — Wed, Aug 16

Learn more about Opticare’s premium lenses for myopia management – the MyoEase and MyOnic lenses, both designed to correct and manage myopia in young patients.

Diagnostics and Imaging — Tue, Jul 25

Here’s a refresher on what higher order aberrations (HOA) actually are.

Diagnostics and Imaging — Tue, Jun 20

Here is a refresher and a call to up one’s game when managing AMD in an optometric setting.

General Tips and Advice — Tue, Jun 06

As an independent contractor or locum optometrist, understanding the various tax deductions available is essential for optimising your financial situation.

Lenses — Tue, Apr 18

Get tips on how to effectively explain photochromic lenses to your patients through this blog. Read now.

Clinical Guide — Tue, Mar 21

Patients who have dementia can present certain challenges during an optometric consultation due to cognitive changes. Find tips for managing them here.

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